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The Girls

Aoefe (EeeFah) is the oldest member of the group and brings experience of a  lengthy long term relationship to the table.  Currently single, she re- entered the dating world two years ago and has met and/or dated over 100 men in her search for Mr. Right.   In her work life you will find her running a multi-million dollar agency in small town Alberta, Canada.  Aoefe holds no shame in admitting her very girly and submissive nature.   

Contact: aoefe [dot] ansar [at] gmail [dot] com.



Bhetti is a 20 year old medical student located in London, United Kingdom. She doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke and is holding out for marriage; this is owed to her Arab, Islamic background. Since she’s not a complete paragon of virtue despite demanding much of herself, you’re just as likely to catch her deeply contemplating her copy of His Convenient Trophy Mistress as DIY Clinical Examination. A rational scientist, a natural romantic.

Contact: commentmistress [at] gmail [dot] com.




Mysterious and fun, LovelySexyBeauty has the style and attitude of a hot girl on her way to creating a male meltdown. This timeless harmony of sensual and feminine opens with notes of girlishness, charm, and reverie, is sweetened with playfulness and deference, is cooled with aloofness and tempered by piousness, and has the lingering softness of baby powder.  She is in the second half of her 20′s, lives in the northeast region of the United States and is the daughter of immigrants.

Contact: beautysexylovely [at] gmail [dot] com



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